In late September the grapes are harvested, choosing the optimum time for harvesting depending on the weather, productivity of strains of different grape varieties, etc ...

The elaboration of wine starts Discharging the fruits in the winery. The major transformation registered in the winery, as well as the highest standards of winemakers and oenologists, make this operation done with very special care , making a selection of items of the grapes intended to develop different types of wine. All influence the quality and personality of the wines obtained.

Those wines that show good potential, once subjected to tastings, mixtures and previous analytics , are selected for breeding. The wine that undergoes breeding, often is tough, rough, aggressive on the palate, intense and has vivid color, aspects that will gradually be polished and refined . During this process, long and delicate wines will acquire a number of new features, contributed mainly by wood barrels. Therefore, the appropriate choice and time of the wine in them, will be decisive factors in the final result .

Later as the wine ages in the bottle. All this meeting the minimum requirements set by the Regulations of the Designation of Origin Mondejar.


The time spent in barrel and bottle determines the different categories of wine: Crianza or reservation.


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