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Young red wines

Basically they are made from Tempranillo grapes, after unsticking and grape juice fermentation in the presence of the skins. The incorporation of new varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, is contributing to this type of floral wines and varietal aromas, enriching their taste.


Aging wines

They must have a minimum period of natural aging of twenty-four months, from the end of the manufacturing process, of which at least six are in wooden containers. Wines subject to aging, usually are round and balanced wines that preserve the aromas of the variety of sources becoming soft and velvety, having a long persistence on the palate.


Special reserve wines

Wines that are selected for this breeding system are those with better qualities. those who have had a minimum aging period of thirty-six months, acquire the status of reserve, of which at least twelve have remained in the barrel. They are more structured than the previous wines. Its primary flavors remain vigorous and secondary and tertiary outcropping giving elegance and great mouthfeel.


Young white wines

They are wines that today trendsetters in wineries when drawing. They are characterized by being pale, aromatic, fruity, moderate in alcohol and fresh. For better tasting they should be drunk within twelve months after its preparation. They are made by the controlled fermentation system, allowing them to retain all its aromas.

In this section we must make special mention of the white wines made from the variety of Torrontés. This variety is very abundant in the Galician vineyards and in our region is only present in the region of Mondejar, where it is traditional. It is one of the oldest vines of our country. With that we make different varities of wine: deep ones, light, with strong accents of moscato and fragrant, making them ideal for young and fruity one.



Enter to our online store and discover all our products.